My Weight Loss Journey through Miscarriage, Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Now I know I've posted about losing weight and being on Weight Watchers before but I looked back and didn't see any recent posts on my goals and my progress thus far. So I thought I'd update the blog with my journey and progress.

When I first started Weight Watchers after gaining 30 or so pounds after my miscarriage I felt strong. I felt like I was finally in control of my body, and more importantly, my emotions. I lost almost 25 pounds and a little over 10% of my weight. I was on the right track. Then I found out I was pregnant with E. And even though I was so happy to be pregnant, I was also a little resentful because I really wanted to get to my goal weight before starting a family. I wanted to be healthy before I brought a little one into our family.

And then I had my beautiful baby boy and the weight didn't matter. Sure I went back to Weight Watchers right away at 6 weeks post partum to begin the journey again but that didn't last long. It took until E was 10 or 11 months old before I finally jumped back on and got serious. When I started again I was nervous. Nervous that adding exercise and losing weight would somehow affect my milk supply. I would push myself too much and wouldn't be able to be successful in nursing my baby. So I quit. And waited till I was comfortable enough with a. being a mom and b. starting to work on myself again.

And if you know me you know what happened next. After 3-4 short months back on track I got pregnant. Again. Thus began the process all over again. Once M was 8 weeks old I felt strong enough to start the Weight Watchers journey again.

I officially started Weight Watchers again on January 31st, 2011. And since then (25 weeks/6 months have past) I've lost 16.6 pounds. This time around  I have no worries about my milk supply being affected. I was in it for the long haul and had the resources (and confidence) I needed to continue breastfeeding.

I am losing on average about 2/3rds of a pound a week. And I'm pretty darn certain that the reason why I am losing this way is because I am breastfeeding. My body is just holding on to everything. It doesn't want to let go. So in order to get a jump start on this next phase of weight loss I've joined the YMCA (after a bit of a breakdown with E in the midst of his awesome two-year-old attitude - might have had something to do with our potty training fun) and am now getting to the gym about 4-6 times a week! And wouldn't you know? My supply hasn't been affected in the least!

Even though I'm exercising regularly and getting back on track I still don't feel successful yet. I haven't seen the change I've wanted for myself and my body. So as I just posted I'm going to invest in a few shapers like Yummie Tummie products to make my body do what I want it to do for now until I start to feel better in my body again. That way I still feel confident in my body enough to continue this journey until I reach my goal.

I am open to any and all suggestions to further aid my weight loss journey. If you've set a goal or created a plan I'd love to hear it! I think that Weight Watchers is the easiest program for me to follow but if there are any snack or meal suggestions please pass them on :) And I'd love to hear about your journey too! Support is something that has been key in this journey for me. 

I'll leave you with the most recent family photo (from Ms 6 Month mini-session) by the wonderful Tessa of Grin & Share It Photography... you won't be seeing that round face again! I hope I look just as fabulous for M's 1 Year photos as I did for E's :)

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