About Me

Welcome to our family blog! This blog follows the life of an eco-friendly work at home mom in San Diego who enjoys raising two young children. Including the activities we love to do, parenting philosophies, and a personal journey to a healthier life. Every parent should realize that they are not alone; there are others out there who share the same struggles, joys, and experiences. We’re here to share our story.

I originally started this blog shortly after finding out I was pregnant a second time after having a miscarriage. I love what the blog has become and cannot wait to see what it will be in the future. I also enjoy reviewing products and fun places to go so that I can share what I love with my readers.

We love to tend to our garden beds in our front and back yards.

We enjoy attempting to go green and trying to stay as eco-friendly as possible.

We love testing out new toys and products and enjoy introducing great brands to our readers.

We enjoy cooking, baking, and eating healthy (and not so healthy) meals and LOVE sharing our favorite restaurants.

We stay active and I'm working on losing weight and getting healthier.

We love to craft and create.

We spend many days exploring San Diego and once or twice a year enjoy going on trips.

And we absolutely LOVE visiting Disneyland throughout the year. Kids or no kids. We were even engaged there... so we could easily be defined as a Disney family!

You can often find me at a few other places. I love to guest blog and regularly contribute to Date Night 411 with Date Night in the Afternoon ideas for busy parents each month. I also write a weekly kids crafts post at Formula Mom and am a member of the Noise Girls.

And I also keep busy organizing a local playgroup of 100+ moms. The group is private but if your a local mom looking for a great way to socialize and connect with other moms in the area please feel free to shoot me an email!

Even though it may seem as if I'm always busy, on-the-go, or otherwise preoccupied, I love hearing from my readers! Should you have any questions, comments or concerns please feel free to contact me at simmworksfamily@gmail.com.