Say Wow Not Ow Private Yummie Tummie Style Session Contest

*** Update - I did not get chosen to be a finalist :( But these mamas did... lucky ladies! ***

Most of my friends and family know that I'm... well.. fluffy. I've been overweight my whole life and after having two kids my body just loves hanging on to this extra weight. I've been working on losing this weight over the past few years but whenever I get a good flow going I get pregnant ;) Now that this isn't going to happen again (I'm almost positive) I've gotten back on track and am on my way to healthy. I'm on Weight Watchers and have been loosing steadily however the weight is coming off very slowly. And with each pregnancy I've gained a bit of a stomach. Something I didn't have before kids. So that's where Yummie Tummie comes in...

Christina over at Mommy Loves Coffee is hosting a contest where one lucky winner will receive a head-to-toe wardrobe and style session from Yummie Tummie. I need to win that contest! I've come to the realization that my body isn't going to bounce back quickly from this second pregnancy. And if I want to start feeling good and looking good in my own body then I may have to turn to alternative means to make this happen. And no, that does not include surgery.

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Yummie Tummie has some great products on their website that would definitely help shape and slim down my trouble areas including, but not limited to, my stomach and my chest. They not only have great looking slips and cami's but they also have shaping clothes as well! I would love to own the tummy slimming knit leggings to help my baby pooch or the Lane Bra Smoother & Lifter for my troublesome and now not-so-perky chest. Matching the the bra with one of their slimming bottoms or the leggings would be a great combination to use for every day wear.

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Being pregnant three times in the past 4 years, nursing my son for 18 months, and nursing my daughter now has  truly put a strain on my body. And while I used to consider my chest one of my best features I now tend to try and hide it because it just doesn't look pretty. And hiding a body part does not bode well for one's self esteem.

I think that if I were to win this style session I would gain a lot from the experience. I not only would have a kick butt wardrobe but I would also gain confidence in my appearance and myself as a whole. Gaining this confidence will help me be a better mom, a better friend and a better wife. I really hope I have the chance to win this amazing experience!

I'd love for my readers to put in a good word for me on Facebook and/or Twitter! Check out the Yummie Tummie Facebook page, Yummie Tummie website and Yummie Tummie Twitter page for more information about their great products. And if you're going to BlogHer keep an eye out for Christina and Yummie Tummie! You might just see me with her sporting some new pieces in my wardrobe :)

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