Miss M's First Sign {Sign Language}

Since we started taking sign language classes with Miss M we have been working on 5 basic signs with her. Milk/Nurse, Dog, Light, Swim/Pool, and Daddy. All things she interacts with on a weekly if not daily basis and things she seems interested in. Well... she has finally responded and signed dog to me last night! I was able to get it again on video this morning and couldn't be more proud. Now I'm making sure to pay close attention every time she waves her little arms and hands around just in case I'm missing other signs.

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EcoCrazyMom said... Reply To This Comment

Our daughter's first sign was dog too. After reading some of your blog it seems like we have a lot in common! I'd love to get together with the the little ones and hang out, especially since we are both in San Diego. Perhaps I can make it to check out the baby sign classes with you sometime, we've never been to a signing class before.