The Road Through Loss {Miscarriage and Pregnancy Loss Awareness}

Miscarriage and pregnancy loss seem to be a taboo topic in today's society. And it is hard to imagine that some women go through a miscarriage without being able to feel comfortable opening up about their loss. Statistics show that 10-25% of all clinically recognized pregnancies end in miscarriage. Those numbers prove that there are a lot of women are hurting. And when a woman is going through a miscarriage they need to know that they aren't alone and that there is a support system out there for them.

I was inspired to start writing about miscarriages when I started noticing that after I share that I've had a miscarriage more and more acquaintances were mentioning that they, too, have had a miscarriage, either recently or in the past. I realized that not a lot of women have the support network I now have to talk and discuss miscarriage, family and life. You see, shortly after I miscarried I went to a message board online looking for support. And the result of going to that message board, and subsequent boards after that, was that I got to know a very close knit group of ladies with whom I consider an extended part of my family now even though I've only met two of them in person.

These wonderful ladies run the gamut of losses. And some of them have agreed to help me write a few blog posts over the next few months to share their personal journey, including ways to help friends going through the same thing as well as what to expect in the coming days, weeks, months. I am going to include a breakdown of the different types of miscarriage and pregnancy loss as well as the procedures that follow. Including natural miscarriage, D&C's, D&E's and inductions.

After I highlight the different aspects of miscarriage I'd love to continue with a post a week to share the story of a woman who has gone through miscarriage or pregnancy loss in order to help others out there realize that they aren't alone.

If you have a miscarriage story that you want to share please feel free to contact me at

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