Grocery Shopping Score

I went to Albertson's today after work to pick up croissants for dinner tonight. I ended up spending $28.22. I seriously had no idea how I did it but it happened. And here's what I got...

What all did I buy?

7 Hormel Heat & Serve meat dishes (yes, I know not organic but it was such a steal)
Turkey Italian sausage links
Vegetarian tamales (green chili & zucchini!)
Organic Milk
Matzo ball mix
Latka mix
1 box of Spaetzle
Dry instant milk (for baking)
Yeast (like 12-15 packets)
2 loafs of challah bread
1 loaf of french bread
1 round of sourdough bread
1 pack wheat kaiser rolls
1 pack of white corn tortillas
3 packs of donut holes (for the hubs)
1 pack of cinnamon rolls (again, for the hubs)
4 Reese's peanut butter cups (for me!)
1 pack of M&M's
1 Twizzlers Pull & Peel
1 Carvel ice cream cake
2 packs of croutons
1 pack of tortilla strips salad topper
2 packets of ranch dressing
2 packets of onion dressing
4 packets of chicken gravy (hubs loves this)
2 seasoning injector/marinade kits for turkeys & chicken
1 block gruyere cheeses
1 block havarti cheese
1 block dubliner cheese
2 cans navy beans
3 sweet potatoes
4 organic apples
4 organic pears
2 jars organic baby food (exp next November!)
1 3-pack individual baby carrots
1 16 oz caramel dip
1 box Breathe Easy medicinal tea
1 boxes Hansen's instant tea

Yup... that's right. All for $28.22. What would it normally have cost me? $252.99. Now you want to know how I got all this? Sheer luck. Seriously. The Albertson's by work is closing its doors and re-opening like 2 miles away and the owners decided that it'd be cheaper to mark down all of their inventory drastically instead of shipping the new food to the new store. Madness!

And I saw some awesome deals in other people's carts too. If I had more energy (and knew how cheap everything really was) the first time I went around (yes, I went through the store TWICE after buying about $10 worth of stuff and realizing how marked down everything was) I might have gotten better deals. Like the girl ahead of me the first time who bought like 20 bottles of tequila, 5 bottles of rum and some vodka (along with other food items) and her bill was $150. Or the guy ahead of me the second time who got a whole ham for $4. The deli was just handing hams out instead of slicing because it really wasn't worth it to slice the whole darn thing! And his jumbo watermelon? $0.50. Darn the fact that I'm pregnant and couldn't hold all that stuff!

I just wish I would have got off work an hour earlier. Than I might have been able to snag the $0.09 a dozen eggs! And yes, I do plan on using all of this stuff. I'm sure I can get quite creative. Plus I have a party to attend this weekend that I'll be baking/cooking for. I see some really yummy breakfast dishes out of that challah bread!

By the way... they didn't have croissants. I changed up my dinner plans.

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K-tell said... Reply To This Comment

WOAH!! That's a lot of food. I was really stumped as to how on earth you got it all, but the store closing makes sense! Good for you!
Katie (Gemini)

Sarah M said... Reply To This Comment

That is amazing!!!

Ann said... Reply To This Comment

At first reading I thought "How long did it take you to COUPON all that stuff?" The store must have been very crowded....don't see deals like that everyday!