Sad :(

Our beloved Jetta may not be with us for much longer. We noticed a growth on her forearm about two weeks ago and took her into the vet last week. They took a sample of cells from the growth and the test results were less than stellar. The cells are malignant.

Now Jetta is a large breed dog. She's a husky and is in great shape for her age. But there's a large chance that this type of tumor will just come back if we remove it. So we're going to take her in to the vet again on Saturday and go over our options. She also needs a tooth or two removed (also having to do with old age) and has a mammary tumor (she isn't fixed... yes, I know, shame on us. But she also has never gotten pregnant).

When we spoke with the vet before getting the results she agreed that if the results came back less than stellar than we probably shouldn't put Jetta through a surgery to remove the teeth and tumors. It might just be too much stress/risk to put her under that long when the chance of the tumors coming back are very likely.

So we'll figure this all out and finalize what our plan of action will be on Saturday. Jetta currently has a very good quality of life and is quite cozy with us so I really think that we've given her all we can and am very comfortable with the fact that we may not be able to afford to do all of the surgeries and add more surgeries to keep her going a few more months longer. The vet didn't give a prognosis on how long she will live but estimated that another 6 months to a year would be ideal. And with her age the vet would expect her health to go downhill by that time anyway.

For now we are just trying to enjoy the time we have left with her.

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Jess and the boys said... Reply To This Comment

Oh no! I'm so sorry! :(

Ann said... Reply To This Comment

What a darling photo of Ethan and Jetta!

Miranda said... Reply To This Comment

aww Jetta <3 <3 we love you girl!