I think it's over

Breastfeeding that is. We're down to one nursing session a day and with all the aches and pains of this pregnancy I really think that both of us are ready to wean. He sometimes asks to nurse during the day but I can usually keep him happy with a sippy of milk. So that's what we'll continue doing in the morning instead of nursing.

It's been an amazing journey. We lasted 18 months and I am SOOO proud of that. I went through thrush, low supply, teething and many other challenges but made it through. I am hoping and praying that nursing my second will be as smooth as my first. I loved nursing and the extra snuggle time I had with my little boy.

Now so that I remember this precious time always here a few pictures of us nursing (don't worry... not too much is showing. If your offended... sorry). I didn't know that either of these pictures were being taken when they were but are glad I have them.

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18 months is a long time! Definitely be proud of yourself! :)