Oh Bloat: More Symptoms Come My Way!

This picture is a bit late but here's my 5 week photo. I know I said one photo a month but I can just feel the difference in my body. I am BLOATED! At 5 weeks! I thought it wouldn't hit for at least another week or so (like my last pregnancy) but it's here. It started yesterday. By the time I got home I had to get my jeans off ASAP. After sitting in an airport and on a plane for a few hours my belly needed to be let loose. Today at the end of the day I practically ripped off my pants when I got home and jumped into PJ's.

I don't understand it. Baby isn't even the size of a seed but I have gassed up like crazy. And I was able to button my pants (and had room!) this morning. But tonight, ugh! Don't get me wrong. I love feeling pregnant when no one else knows :) I love the fact that I am still nauseous practically the whole day, my boobs hurt like crazy and I am starting to bloat. It means that my body says I'm still pregnant. And I'm loving every minute of it. After this weekend's scare I have cherished every nauseous moment.

Speaking of the weekend... I am planning on blogging about our trip. I've just been busy. I'll post soon!

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