Bunco Babes: Hosting Bunco Night

This past Friday before we left for San Francisco I hosted Bunco at our house. I am a regular on a Bunco team (a dice game with lots of eating, drinking and laughing! You can win money too!!!) and one of the rules to being a regular is that you have to host at least once a year. I was going to host in May but a handful of girls decided to go to the Sex and the City premier as a group instead of Bunco (I'll blog about that another time! It was so much fun!).

I started planning the night about a week or two ago because I wanted something simple but tasty for dinner and didn't want anyone to leave hungry or unhappy. I stocked up on wine at BevMo when they had their buy one get one for 5 cents sale, planned mini burgers and chicken fingers for appetizers and whipped up a simple salad for the health conscious gals. Everything was in smaller proportions for easy grabbing and snacking. I also put out some pretzel thins for munching between rounds.

The night approached quickly and Joseph and I tried to rearrange the furniture as best as we could to accommodate three tables. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed moving our furniture around into different positions. I actually like the small round table in the middle of the kitchen vs. pushed off to the corner. And the island actually works in the corner. It is still a great station for dicing and rolling out pastry but it's away from the center so I won't keep clutter on it (hopefully).

The gals all trickled in and before I knew it everyone was eating, drinking and laughing. I love spending time with these gals! Everyone is just so enjoyable and personable. And we always have at least one sub because one of the regulars couldn't make it. It was great to meet the newbies and see some "old" subs too! And at the end of the night I actually won one of the categories. Most wins at $40! Can you say spending money for San Francisco??

I leave you with a picture of most of the girls (Anmarie had to leave right away because of our run in the morning... and she has a beautiful little one waiting for her at home!)

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