2 Weeks to Go: 1st U/S & Appointment

In two weeks from today in approximately 3 hours I will be at my first appointment. I don't know how I can get through the next two weeks. I keep worrying and thinking that I should have had betas drawn so that my mind would be put at ease. The one thing that does put me at ease is that I let myself POAS every Friday to reassure me that, yes, the results still say "Pregnant". I've now used up my pregnancy tests and am contemplating going to the Dollar Store for some cheapies. (Shhh... don't tell Joseph!).

I have all of the symptoms of pregnancy now except for vomiting (but I occasionally throw up in my mouth... not pretty). I think that the symptoms are much stronger than the last pregnancy so this gives me hope. Every time I am tired or feel queasy I thank God. I need these symptoms to give me the strength to move forward and not ask for an earlier appointment :)

I took a picture of my belly last night and really shouldn't have. The bloat was out of control! I doubled in size from my last bloat picture last week so I am definitely not going to post it. But this morning my stomach is back to normal. I even woke Joseph up to show him. Maybe I'll take another picture tonight and post it if it isn't as bad as last night.

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