My First Maternity Purchase: A Swimsuit!

I just bought a maternity swimsuit from Target because it was on sale! Well... not "just" because it was on sale. Joseph and I are going to Switzerland, Austria and Italy in September and I will be about 14-15 weeks along so I have an inkling that I either won't fit or won't feel comfortable with any of my bathing suits. It's sooo cute! And I couldn't beat the price.

I just purchased a 1-piece on our anniversary trip (still have to blog about that!) at Nordstroms for like three times as much as this suit was. As soon as I tried it on I knew I'd feel good in it. And I plan on enjoying the weather when we're in Europe so it'll be perfect! The top part was supportive of my heavier chest as well :) Yay for feeling good about my body rather than feeling icky.

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