Traumatizing Bath Time

Last night as my son was taking a bath my daughter had a traumatic experience. And for a split second I became that mommy.

The one who'd rather run for the camera then run to save their kid.

After kicking me out of my bath, my son began his. I got dressed, grabbed a book, sat on the toilet and listened to him splash about while his sister watched him.

She doesn't like taking baths. Absolutely refuses to do so and just jumps in the shower with me when she needs to be bathed. She stands on the side of the tub and plays along with her brother as he is in the water and she stays dry.

After watching him play for a bit she decided to join in. She stepped up on the step stool we have next to the sink and started in. They're splashing around having a great time and I'm getting more and more into my book when all of a sudden I hear a big splash followed by a thud.  Oh my word! She fell in!

There she was, fully clothed and completely soaking wet. Crying in shock and looking at me like someone pushed her in. She had no clue how she ended in the tub and she wanted OUT!

And for just a second I almost ran for the camera instead of rescuing her.

I knew she wasn't hurt. And now I regret not taking a picture. Poor little girl. Great end to bath time though!

Do you have any funny bathroom stories? 

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Head Ant said... Reply To This Comment

I had a similar thing happen. We had just finished the bath and I stepped away from the tub for just a minute. I think my daughter tried to climb out of the tub, but slipped and bust open her chin. Three stitches!

Kathleen (aka Callista) said... Reply To This Comment

Ha! I've been there. Wanting to take a picture. Once what my daughter did was so funny I could NOT stop laughing. I laughed so hard I cried instead of making sure she wasn't hurt. Good thing she has a sense of humour.

Jess and the boys said... Reply To This Comment

haha poor Molly! She looks ok in the picture you did take, though.. Hopefully no lasting damage! :)

Rachel Cotterill said... Reply To This Comment

Aww, I bet it would've made a really cute picture, though :)