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I absolutely love date nights. I never thought of their importance before having kids. It was just a normal occurrence that happened every few nights. We didn't even call it date night. It was simply "going out" for us. Now, after two kids, when I think of a few moments alone with my husband I get excited and giddy like I did when we were first dating.

Life with kids has changed our relationship. A lot.

And in an effort to make sure that my husband and I connect at least on a regular basis we've started a monthly (if not bi-monthly) date night. In order to enforce this date night I've started to contribute as a Date Night in the Afternoon specialist for Date Night 411.

Since it's hard to get away for a night on the town when worrying about the kids, bedtime, and the havoc they're wreaking on unsuspecting babysitters (aka family members) paired with the fact that my daughter still nurses for comfort in the evenings we've started to plan date nights for the afternoon instead of, well, night.

Not only has this opened windows for new and unique dates, it's also given us no excuse to get out together and enjoy each others company. We also, on occasion, bring the kids along with us if we're doing an activity that the whole family can enjoy. Or we bring another family member to watch the kids while we get a little alone time at the event or attraction we go to.

So far we've gone to the movies on more than one occasion, had a nice dinner out downtown, enjoyed local theater and dined on some tasty hamburgers in our quest to find the best burger joint in the city. Our most recent attempt at date night was foiled by the weather but we've rescheduled our picnic in the park for this weekend.

And what do we have in store for next month? I'm already planning our next date night! I recently won a kayak trip for two in La Jolla that includes a kayak adventure and a beach photo shoot. What a perfect way to reconnect and get proof that we actually went! We'll follow our adventure by trying out a local restaurant we've heard rave reviews about and, of course, I'll dish all about the experience on Date Night 411.

So if you're in need of some inspiration to get out and enjoy some alone time with your spouse head over and check out the great ideas Date Night 411 provides! You might even catch a glimpse of great deals, contests, and more.

When was your last date night? Where'd you go?

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Darcy said... Reply To This Comment

We have done morning and afternoon dates as well as early evening. We don't always go somewhere, just send Rissa to gramma's!

Mama Luvs Books said... Reply To This Comment

LOVE Date Night! We went to a fancy restaurant with friends and to see The Hunger Games!

Head Ant said... Reply To This Comment

We need a date night! Finding a sitter is the problem...

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

date night.. what's that?
marie h

Shopping Tips And Tricks said... Reply To This Comment

Our last date was to Olive Garden because we got a gift certificate! ;) We don't go enough, that's for sure!

AMBER EDWARDS said... Reply To This Comment

Date nights are VERY important! We do date night every Friday night! We try not to wear out the Grandparents (as they also do date nights) so we use them on occasion and then we also save up so every few months we can splurge and get a baby sitter and really go out on our own at night!

But mostly for our date night, the husband treats me to any take out dinner I want, some good chocolate, and we watch a good movie together. WIth him being a full time Engineering Major at College, and with 3 kids, we don't often get a chance to just sit, relax and watch a good movie together, so these are cherished time. WE put all the kids to bed early on Friday night so we can have our special movie night together. WE love it, but we definitely have to mix it up with an actual go out and do something date usually during the day and leave the kids with the Grandparents. :)

Signing Mama said... Reply To This Comment

I find we communicate so much better if we schedule date nights.... and you know the secret to a healthy and happy relationship is good communication! Good for you in committing to this for a happy home.