Spaphile presents Wine & Spa at Fifty Seven Degrees

A few weeks ago my friend, Joann, sent me an invite to a Wine and Spa event. As soon as I saw these two words together I knew I wanted to go. Then she mentioned that I would also have a chance to meet some wonderful ladies she knew and I RSVPed right away. You see I'm finally starting to realize how important it is to network and get my name out there.

Yes, my blog is a personal family blog but I also like to have input and comments when I have a question or need help with a solution to a parenting (or life) problem. I have known for a while that while I or one of my friends might not know the answer there are a LOT of people out there who may. Plus I also want to learn more about blogging, networking and branding so that I can improve my blogging skills not only for this blog and my food blog but for the blog I run for my husband's cousin.

You see, I really like this blogging thing. I LOVE to get out and socialize and "getting out" doesn't always mean getting in the car and driving to meet people. I can stay home with the kids and still play with my friends at the same time. So with all that being said I was very excited to attend this Spaphile event at 57 Degrees wine bar. I made plans to leave the kids with Grandma since the hubs was at Comic Con, threw on some chap stick and headed out to have some fun.

The lovely Heather of Baby Bump & Beyond - Photo Courtesy of Laura Lohr
When I first got to the event I checked my email first and found out that Joann would have to miss the event. Ok... now what do I do. I was on my own for a bit. So I made the most of it and grabbed a glass of wine and then signed up for all of the mini-services being offered. Let me tell you I was very excited to have a few of these things done. Not only did they have one masseuse chair, they had two. And I could sign up for a chair massage at both! So that's what I did.

Stephanie Lee of Stephanie Lee Massage was there and not only did she do a wonderful chair massage, she also scented the cover she used for the face pillow so the whole time I was being massaged I would breathe in these wonderful scents. Oh it was heaven in 5 minutes! Definitely something this tired mama needed to keep her going! The glass of wine might have helped with the relaxation too but we'll talk about that later...

Heather, Me, Mandy, Kari and Ali - Photo Courtesy of Laura Lohr

After my first massage I got a facial cleanse from ASerenity and an eye treatment. Basically they take a rotating brush with some cleanser and the brush moves around your face allowing for a deeper penetration of the product. And the eye cream made me feel fresh and hydrated. They even gave me a sample of the cleanser (Vital C by Image Skincare) to try at home. How awesome is that?

Once my face was all hydrated and the kinks in my neck were taken care of I made my way over to The Beauty Bar's booth for some hair care. When asked by Desiree what I was looking for I said to do anything. And she turned my hair into a gorgeous updo of curls and tangles. I think it took her all of 15 minutes to make me look even better than I did on my wedding day. I really want to go back and get my hair done for some fun special occasion whenever should occasion come about. I'm hoping to have some good pictures of the back of my hair soon :)

After I got my hair done it was time for some mingling. I had seen another mama friend I met at Signs class and went to find her. After a bit of talking we decided to grab another glass of wine. This is where the fun began. When we went up to the bar to order there was hardly any room to squeeze in and grab a bartender. So we had to lean in a bit and talk in between two people (they weren't together, there was a chair empty in between them). I asked to order a glass of the wine I had before and he immediately asked for all of our IDs. Not a problem, we all got them out and showed him we were well above the legal limit. Then I told him what I wanted again and he replied back that they were all out of it but were subbing something else. Fine, we'd go with that. We're easy.

And then the woman next to us made some snide comment about us watching our volume (later I found out she was just playing words with friends on her phone... why be so rude when we weren't even interrupting a conversation and it was obviously impossible for us to order any other way) and the bartender replied back to her with something the two of them laughed about. Fun. Not only are they out of the good stuff, the bartender has a bit of an attitude as well.

Then when he told us our total we paid. Separately. Because we wanted to order separately but the guy just didn't want to listen to us. Or help us much for that matter. After I gave him my money I told the ladies I was going to sit down to wait for my next service. I gave him more than the total so he could keep the change as a tip. My friend came back and gave me my change explaining that if he was going to have that hard of a time helping us and if he was going to share rude comments about us with his customer then he wasn't too worth of a tip. I felt bad for a split second (I have never not given a tip before...) and than went on chatting with the girls I had met in between all of this.

We chatted a bit and sipped our wine before it was my turn to get some airbrushed color on my eyes (again by The Beauty Bar). After my makeup was done I got to know a few of the gals who sat down with us. And they ended up being part of a Mommy Blogging group that I joined online. How awesome! I got to meet them anyway. For a few more pictures of the event check out Laura's post on the event here. After a bit I was starting to get hungry so we braved the bar again to order some food. And we thought we were in luck. The other bartender was coming over to help us. Then he gave us a menu and left. Leaving our favorite bartender to help us again. And there was no denying the disdain in his voice. He did not care for us at all. What fabulous service!

As the girls and I chatted we indulged in some yummy focaccia bread with different fun toppings. The last service I received was an eyebrow shaping by the amazing Josue. Seriously... my brows haven't looked this good in a while. I have to come to him for all my eyebrow waxing needs in the future! I forgot how fun it is to look so put together. And if you head to The Beauty Bar make sure to ask for him! They're also having a happy hour event in August that I'll post more info for soon. 

So to make a long story short I am truly grateful and thankful to Spaphile for putting on this great event! I really needed a night out with the girls to relax and indulge in a bit of adult conversation. And while I wish I had better things to say about the service at 57 Degrees, the wine and food were great.

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Melissa said... Reply To This Comment

wow! sounds like a great event except for the rude bartender. I don't understand employees like that, it's an event where your actually paying, not hosted so you can make that extra money. lame. Cannot wait to see some pictures!!

I would love that coupon! :) Especially since we have zero food in our house.

Jess and the boys said... Reply To This Comment

It sounds like you had a great time! I hope we have equally great times with all our BlogHer activities!! Can't wait to see you in a week! :)