Getting Ready for BlogHer '11

I know I've mentioned on here once or twice that I'm going to this little blogging conference called BlogHer '11. I have a cute little badge on the blog announcing that I'll be wearing Miss M while I attend. It's no big deal. Nah... not a big deal at all ;) I'm not stressing out about commuting, parking, seminars, parties, child-care, or where to re-charge my phone at. No, not at all.

All kidding aside I am very excited to be attending my first blogging conference. And from all the hype being built up around it a lot of others are too. I am really hoping to learn a lot from this event. If that means taking a step back and acting as an observer I have no problem doing that. But of course I'm always one to open my mouth and talk of someone else is around to listen.

Some of the main highlights of this event are the parties. Who's going to what event? What location is it going to be at? What other parties are going on at the exact same time? Oh, and are you on the list? Luckily a good friend of mine, Natalie, has been my BlogHer guide. She has helped me since even before I hit the "buy" button for the tickets. I was able to figure out my schedule, actually RSVP to parties (because she so graciously forwarded the invites) and have remained a bit calm through the whole process. Every BlogHer virgin should have a friend like her.

And Joann, sign language guru and now friend, has helped me connect with other San Diego mommy bloggers. So I know even more people who are going to this event. And we all have a common interest to help break the ice... we're moms! I met a few of these lovely ladies at the Spaphile event last week and I'm sure I will be meeting up with them during BlogHer as well. If not just to share a drink and a short chat between events.

So with my plan in place I was ready to go.Until I started seeing tweets and facebook posts about what people were going to wear. Wait? You mean I have to think about what I'm wearing too? Darn! As I'm sure most who have met me already know, I'm no fashionista. I'm not really one to figure out what the newest trend is and I really don't change out pieces in my wardrobe very often. I may or may not still have clothes from high school in my closet.

In an effort to make sure I looked somewhat decent  I ordered a few things off of Old Navy's website in hopes that I could put something cute together. Plus I needed shirts and tank tops for our upcoming trip to Hawaii next month. I was SO happy when I got home from the zoo this morning and saw a package at my door! The shirts were here! So below are two pictures of what I'm planning on wearing on Friday and Saturday to the actual conference. I have NO idea what I'm going to do for night time but I'll more than likely just switch to jeans and call it a day... er.. night. What do you think?
Outfit #1 - Click to Enlarge

Now I know they are very similar but I really don't mind. I'm not 100% sold on the skirt. I still need to get it dry cleaned and pressed (haven't worn it in over a year) but I felt good in the outfits and liked that I looked somewhat put together. Do I have to worry about accessories? My daughter will be my main accessory so I thought that was enough :) Oh, and should I get a longer cardigan instead of the cover up I have pictured? Does the second outfit need a cover-up too?

Outfit #2 - Click to Enlarge
I was thinking my night time look for #1 would be a black cover up and jeans w/ the peep-toe shoes pictured (I'm really contemplating whether I should just go with flip flops both days of the conference and then the more "grown up" shoes at night. And then the night time look for #2 would be jeans again and a black blazer/jacket? I don't know...

With the wardrobe issue semi-taken care of I am just excited that I'm going to this event. Having the opportunity to learn new techniques, meet new people (especially those who I follow and read daily), and hang out with old friends is just exciting me more and more! I wish that it was longer than two days... but maybe I shouldn't.

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Melissa said... Reply To This Comment

I think your options are great. I would wear the flip flops with both and at night do what you said and pair each of the shoes. I personally like the flats. :)

Cannot wait. We will have so much fun. Thanks for all the help, too!

BabyBumpBeyond said... Reply To This Comment

I'm glad I'm not the only one!
I was so stressed out about all the fashion hype until I talked to Katie (La Jolla Mom) at the Spaphile event. She said that for her first BlogHer she went all out, bout new outfits, accessories, and shoes.
She told me not to worry, so I'm taking her advice and not worrying :)
The only thing I am a bit apprehensive about is switching from expo outfit to party my car? Maybe someone will lend me a corner in their room?

I think your outfit options look great! I'd say flats for the conference, since you will be wearing baby M.

Can't wait to run into you again :)

Queentob said... Reply To This Comment

I didn't even think about clothes! I like the idea of having day looks that easily transform to night looks!