A few pictures of M playing...

Since I've been told that the second child gets shafted when it comes to documentation and pictures I've tried really hard to capture as much of M's life as possible with and without her brother. So this morning when both M and I were awake and the boys were still sleeping I set up a play area for her in the living room. I dragged out the play rug that we put away and got a few of E's old baby toys. She loved it! And now she's currently enjoying some play time with brother as he's "attacking Molly". Yeah, we have some sibling love in this family :)

And as a side note - since I'm always a cautious Mommy (haha) I have this boppy "protecting" M in case of a fall since the rug is on a hard surface and she's not on carpet. If she was on carpet I wouldn't be using it. The boppy definitely has LOTS of uses for this family! We learned that with E. 

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