Dear M: Five Months Old

Has another month really gone by this fast? I cannot believe it! I almost forgot to take pictures this month. I was all ready to do it yesterday but the day got away from us! I'm so glad I remembered this morning though :) Luckily it was overcast so we got to take a few photos before church outside. Not sure what's going on with the color on my computer though so I apologize if the pictures don't look so hot. They looked awesome on the camera. I'm going to have to edit them on the desktop.

Enough about little things... lets get on to the big things, Molly! You're five months old! In one more month you will be half a year old. I am just shocked that you are growing so quickly. It's not like I didn't know you were going to do this to me; I guess I just wasn't as prepared as I thought I was.

You are now sitting up AND eating solids. You decided to start sitting up at about 4.5 months old but have gotten very good at it. Good enough that I've been just plopping you down on the bed or the carpet and working around you and your brother playing. You are very strong. You like to bend down to pick up a toy and than come back up like it's no big deal. But when you go a bit sideways you can't help but fall all the way down. But it's not a sudden fall like with your brother. You just kind of slowly roll down to the ground and than roll to your back or belly and look up at me like "oops!". 

You were just so darn interested in Mommy, Daddy and Brother while we were eating so I decided to jump in and give you food. We started at about this age with your brother too but I was very lax about jumping in and maybe took 2-3 weeks before we were really giving him meals every day. Well, you've had cereal for the past three days and tomorrow I'm planning on adding avocado! Maybe some sweet potatoes after that. Then it's on to some greens. I haven't decided what yet but I'm sure I'll check out Wholesome Baby Food for some ideas.

I am kinda hoping that this helps your grandma and great aunt as well when they watch you while I'm at work since you STILL aren't taking the bottle. Well... I lie. You take about 1 ounce for them and than completely give up. It can be a little frustrating since you get very hungry and the food is right in front of you. So hopefully with some oatmeal and/or purees in your belly you'll be happier for a little longer until you can get to mama. 

I also want to mention how much you move around. You aren't crawling or rolling everywhere but you sure do look like you want to. You are starting to pull your knees under your belly and look with longing at your brother as he runs around you. Your legs are very strong and you already stand up very well. I put you in your crib and you stood at the rail for quite some time until you lost your balance and sat on your bum. I think you really like to stand up. Almost as much as sitting :) 

I'm so excited to see you change and grow over the next few months and years. You are amazing and amaze me every day. I am so lucky to have you as my daughter and am so blessed to have such wonderful children.

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