M's First Meal

So first a confession. We've given M food two other times. First, two weeks ago she went for my banana. Like lunged for it. She saw E and me eating one so she wanted in too. I proceeded to give her about 1/2 a tablespoon of banana mashed up. Don't worry... I gave it to her the next two days too just in case there was an allergy.

Then on Cinco de Mayo we went to our favorite mexican restaurant, Tio Leo's, and I enjoyed an enchilada, rice and beans. Well, I gave E half of my rice and beans so she saw not only me but E and Daddy eating the same thing. So again she tried to lunge for my fork as I was eating. I stopped her and put her in the high chair they gave us for her (first time in a high chair!). I took a small amount of beans on my finger and gave it to her. She gobbled them up! And kept asking for more by opening her mouth and shoving my finger in her mouth.

So, we knew it was time to really start solids. And last night we did. I started with just a teaspoon of oatmeal cereal and 1/2 to one ounce of breastmilk (hey, it's not being used anyway!). Well... she loved it! Ate the whole thing. Even took the spoon from me at the end since obviously I wasn't giving it to her fast enough :)

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