Sea World Fun

Today we went to Sea World with E's friends. We decided that after seeing Shamu and the dolphins that it was time for some water play... Too bad E didn't care for getting wet at all and stayed on the perimeter of the water the whole time :) But he had fun with his friends!

Ellie spotted Elmo as soon as he came out so she ran to get first in line and E followed after her. E LOVED seeing Ernie and Elmo and knew them both by name. After we visited them once we went back to play in the water but E was hooked. He had to go back one more time to say hello to his friends again. I'm guessing that we're going to have to go back to Sea World soon to see Elmo and Ernie again :)

After having fun in the water and saying goodbye to Elmo and Ernie we headed out to eat some yummy food. I was STARVING so I ordered the Mama's Platter. It had meat & spinach filled cannelloni, eggplant parmesan and noodles w/ marinara sauce and even came with a breadstick. E asked for some watermelon so we got a bowl to munch on.

After lunch we headed to the penguins for a quick hello and than all headed to the bathroom for a quick diaper change before leaving to go home. Ellie was nice enough to get popcorn to share so all of the kids were happy as we wheeled out of the park.

We had a blast as always and loved spending time with our friends today. And Kara (Ellie's mom) was nice enough to give us one of the photos she bought of E and Ellie together. Soo cute!

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Brooke said... Reply To This Comment

Looks like so much fun. I think I need to teach Kellen about Elmo!