The Little Things

I got to shave my legs today. Yup. Big deal around here. I think it's been maybe 1.5 months since the last time I did this. And you know what... I feel kinda good about it. It's like that feeling I got when E was a newborn and I got to take a shower after 3-5 days of not. Yeah, sounds gross but it happens. And if you're a mom, I think you totally get it.

One thing I really miss doing is going out to get a pedicure. It's not that I don't have the time because I'm sure that Joseph would be fine with me going out on the weekend and keeping an eye on E. It's that I feel totally guilty for spending the $20+ on something I could easily do myself. Or I would rather just save up that $20 and add a few more to go get a massage. But I think a pedicure every once in a while may help my sanity more than the massage I get one to two times a year.

It's weird the things I forgo now. I mean, I've never been that good about shaving my legs but showering... yeah, I used to do that daily. And I really don't think it's a big deal when I don't now. I mean, I make sure I brush my hair and teeth. And I put on deodorant. So I really don't stink (unless you get too close at the end of the day). But sometimes there really isn't enough time. I have to run out to do this or I didn't get up early enough for Joseph to still be home. Yup. They're excuses. But I use them.

And every once in a while I just go for it and shower while E is awake. I leave the door to the bathroom open and he usually just plays right outside or in the bathroom while I shower. But those showers aren't always the best ones. I like to relax and unwind in a shower. It's like my alone time where no one can bug me without getting soaked. I try to think about it like it's the spa part of my day... A good steam, a good scrub, and I'm good as new. And sometimes... I shave my legs.

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I totally agree! Well said Danielle!