Yup... He Did It Again

We were getting ready for bed and E was already in his nighttime diaper. Daddy was reading a story and E was going from sitting in my lap to standing by Daddy. He got super quiet and seemed to be concentrating. So I asked him if he had to poop or if he was pooping.

He didn't answer quite yet and started to talk to Daddy. I asked him again and he said, "poop," and ran to the hallway. He kind of paused and didn't know what to do. So I asked him, "where do we go poop?" He headed to the bathroom in our bedroom (the first time he went in the guest bathroom) and pointed to the toilet.

I asked him if he wanted to poop on the potty and he shook his head yes. I took off his wool cover & diaper and put him on the toilet. He pointed down in between his legs and said "poop" again. I told him there wasn't any yet. A few seconds later he pooped in the potty!

Now I'm not even sure if I should be asking him every few hours (or maybe once a day?) if he has to poop. And I have no idea of how to breach the subject of peeing in the potty but he's starting to show more signs. I guess I should ask his pediatrician at his 18 month appointment next week.

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Ann said... Reply To This Comment

I am so sorry that I forgot to give you the sit on top potty appliance today when Joseph exchanged Ethan with me. I have set it out and will take it by Aunt Louise's tomorrow.

Miranda said... Reply To This Comment

wow ok this is great news!

BBKiddo said... Reply To This Comment

Way to go E! Day started doing the same thing recently except she can't say poop yet. She will grab her diaper and point to the bathroom or I just see her pause and ask "Do you need to go potty?" *she nods* "Do you want to use the big potty?"*enthusiastic nod*
I've only changed maybe 3 poopy diapers since June! Love it! She will only occasionally recognize if she needs to use the potty for #1 and I don't push it with her either. I try and always give her the choice and she seems happy to get to use the big potty :) I'm not going to get her a toddler seat though because I fear her rejecting toilets that don't have them. As of now she will use any big potty around, I'd like to keep it that way... No idea when we'll stop using diapers, but again I'm in no rush. She initiated this routine and I figure she'll let me know when shes ready for the next step too. Good Luck at the pedi! I'm curious to see what he/she says about it.

Jess and the boys said... Reply To This Comment

Wow! Go Ethan!!! :D That's so exciting! We first mastered the peeing in the potty and then the pooping, but all kids are different! :) Good luck! Let me know how it goes!

CinnyBBS said... Reply To This Comment

Good luck! :) Just stopping by to say hi. Come by again and enter my Giani Granite Review and Giveaway! Low entries!