Food Rave: O'Brothers

Joseph had jury duty today downtown so when E woke up from his nap we headed to the mall to meet him for lunch. He had spotted a new place we hadn't tried that had organic burgers that sounded pretty good so we headed over.

We walked into O'Brothers at about 12:45 looked at the menu and quickly placed our orders (you order ahead and than sit down... perfect for a quick lunch). Joseph got the hamburger with a side salad and I got the western burger with fries. We had planned on sharing both sides with each other and E. I was impressed with the simple menu and fair prices.

The burgers came out looking awesome. Mine was huge! Two big onion rings on top of a juicy, perfectly seasoned burger with some melted cheese and topped with a tangy bbq sauce. I wasn't excited about the taste of the bbq sauce at first when I tried an onion ring seperately from the burger but once I tried everything together it worked. I think it might have been too tangy for my taste but everything else mellowed it out in the end.

Joseph's burger looked pretty tasty too and E, to our surprise, even took a few bites. The salad looked awesome. It was mixed greens topped with feta and diced tomatoes with a great tasting ranch dressing. And the fries... YUM! Garlic fries!! And they served it with what seemed to be a ranch dipping sauce. E definitely ate his fair share of these.

The woman who took our order was kind enough to bring us a high chair for E and was very pleasant throughout our meal. She refilled Joseph's drink and was overall very attentive.

As we were enjoying our meal I noticed Joseph glancing back over to the registers every now and again. He seemed a bit puzzled. Than he said... do those two look familiar to you at all? I turn around and look. There were two guys who looked very familiar. Joseph than said, "Don't they look like Cowlings? Craig and... um... Derek?" I had to agree. When I saw Craig I wasn't too sure since I had only seen pictures of him but when I saw Derek I knew they had to be Cowlings. I really wanted to ask the waitress what their last names were but Joseph stopped me :)

Now if you don't work where we work you probably wouldn't know who these guys are but their grandfather founded the company we work for and his father owned it up until about 8 years ago when the company was sold. So it was pretty crazy to see them at a burger place downtown.

As we were finishing up Craig came over and asked how our meal was. We said it was great and headed out to walk Joseph to the Justice building.

All in all I'm sure we'll stop by again if we're in the area and need a place to eat. Although I'm always tempted to go down the street to Sushi Deli :) Too bad Joseph doesn't like sushi.

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