Sale on Seconds: CottonBabies

Whahooo! I love good diaper deals. Especially one cloth diapers that we already use and love. My main diaper of choice is always either my BumGenius One Size 3.0s (BG OS 3.0s) or my sized Happy Heinys. So when I saw a post on a message board I browse about a sale at I had to jump on it.

Their clearance section has seconds* of their BG OS 3.0s on sale for $12! Normally this diaper (not a second) will run about $17.95 each. AND when you use the code BESTDEAL at checkout you get an extra 5% off your order! Plus free shipping (which I think is always the case at but don't quote me on that).

So I got two pink diapers for baby girl, one in Blossom and one in Zinnia. And I'm glad I snagged them up last night because looking at the site now the Zinnia isn't showing anymore. So if you're in need of a few extra diapers try and snag one while they last because when they're gone... they're gone!



*And here's a bit of info on seconds from their website:

These are regular bumGenius 3.0 One-Size Cloth Diapers with minor defects. Most issues are cosmetic (slightly uneven seams, dirt market, etc) and will not affect the diapers performance. Some of these diapers have laundry tabs that were stitched too close to the edge. This will not affect the actual use of the diaper, but the laundry tab may eventually require restitching. While finishing wasn't completely perfect, these diapers have been carefully inspected and they are definitely saleable product. The label on these diapers is marked to identify the merchandise as as second quality.


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