Earth Day 2010!

So in the Simmworks household we've done a few things over the past two years to become more eco-friendly. Last year I listed the things we've done to become more eco friendly and what we wanted to start to do. Sadly I haven't done all of the things off the list but we've started to make progress. I am happy to say that we finally started our garden and it's completely planted today!

We have a hanging garden in the back yard with roma tomatoes growing upside down. There are herbs (parsley, thyme, basil & ) growing on the top of one bucket and strawberries growing on the top of the other. And in the front yard we have string beans, straight neck squash, spaghetti squash, cucumbers & zucchini. There's room for one more row to plant so E and I might make another trip to the City Farmer's Nursery.

Anyone who hasn't been to this nursery needs to go. It's fabulous! And all of their veggies and fruit are grown organically. So I can be assured that the veggies I'm growing will be organic as well (we bought our soil from there as well). They also have some animals and a play area for the kids. E got to pet a goat and loved seeing the turkeys, geese, ducks, & chickens. They have a tilapia pond and a koi pond and the variety of plants (fruit/veggie bearing and non-fruit/veggie bearing) is amazing.

There's also Nate's Cafe right next store so after you run around and build up an appetite you can eat a delicious meal. E and I shared a grilled ham & cheese sandwich and a bowl of fruit. After we got home we quickly planted the rest of the garden and watered it. Hopefully by this winter we'll have something to show for our hard work.

I really do want to start composting but J has nixed the idea. Maybe I can talk him into it over the next year. One thing I am going to do though is start using more cloth instead of paper. We use so many paper towels. I try to use our dish towels instead whenever I can but I want to get the paper towels out of the house all together.

I also would like to try making some reusable bags. Currently I am either using plastic bags (I know... horrible) or plastic containers to store snacks and lunch for E and I. I want to take a step in de-plasticizing the house. There's just too much plastic in the world.

We have a glass straw but I just don't see myself using them full time with a small child. Just too much chance of breaking them. This is also one of the reasons why I steered away from glass bottles with E. I know there are covers for them but the risk of breaking and hurting someone is just too high. At least for me it is.

So what are you doing for Earth Day? Any resolutions or ways to become more Earth friendly?

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