Crazy Week without Daddy

This week J was in Denver for work and E and I were on our own :) It was tough at times but enjoyable at others (the WHOLE bed was ours!!). We relaxed and played and E even graced me with a VERY long nap on Tuesday (2.5 hours). Tuesday night we went to Phil's with Tessa, Belle & Baby G. It was sooo good! And E showed off his walking skills to Belle.

On Wednesday, the day before my two days of work, we went to Sea World and toddled around. I basically just let E go where he wanted to go the whole time. It was quite fun. He finally saw Shamu up close (this was only his second time at Sea World) and didn't quite know what to make of him. We ended the day with a YUMMY apple funnel cake to share.

Thursday was a work day for Mommy so we got up early and drove to Grandma Ann's house. It was hard to drop him off but I did it! I even got off 1/2 an hour early to come get him. Grandma Ann treated us to Hodad's. Now I'm a SD native and don't remember EVER going here but have always heard raves about their burgers. Seriously people... these are good burgers! And the frings... mmmmm. They even have Take Out so maybe some Thursday or Friday when J is picking up E he can pick up some dinner... :)

Friday was also a work day but E was going to Aunt Louise's house. We got there a bit early since there was no traffic and E was ready to go play as soon as we got there (with the trash cans of course... have I mentioned E's fascination with trash cans??). Friday morning went very fast at work but the afternoon DRAGGED on! Finally it was 5pm and I was free to see my hubby and baby. I stopped by Fillipi's to pick up a pizza for dinner and headed home.

J hasn't even been home a full day but I already know how much I missed him. He changed E's diaper this morning...

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