Ethan's First Fourth of July

We had a very relaxing 4th of July. To start the day off, Joseph made cinnamon rolls. He did all the prep work on Friday and let them rise overnight in the fridge. We had the neighbors come over to help us eat them and to play some Wii. It was a very nice morning.

When the neighbors left we had a lazy afternoon and basically laid around...

Laughed a bit...

And played...

Ethan had a few sips of Daddy's iced tea (don't worry... it's organic :))

And watched a bit of Baby Einstein

Than we headed over to Grandma Ann & Grandpa Jack's for dinner and fireworks.

Ethan hung out with his cousin, Aaron. Both weren't too sure about touching the other.

We got a smile out of Aaron after 10 or so pictures (he had a fever and was not feeling good)

And plenty of smiles from Ethan :) A silly Grandma Ann will make Ethan smile in less than a few seconds!

Daddy tried to see if Ethan would nap for us... ha!

We enjoyed the sunset as Joseph and his brothers prepared for lighting fireworks. I nursed Ethan to sleep and let him lay on Grandma Ann's couch so we could hear him if he woke up.

Getting ready...

The Cactus one...

Very pretty!

We all took a break from fireworks to enjoy some fresh, homemade apple pie and vanilla ice cream (Grandpa Jack made the pie!)

Cousin Aaron and Aunt Julia watched the fireworks from the window upstairs.

Joseph playing with a few sparklers

Uncle Andrew lighting his sparklers

And playing with them

The Mad Dog firework...

Ethan slept until a very loud firework went off and than stayed away until we left at about 8:30pm. He only cried for a bit once after hearing a loud firework shortly after he got up. The tears didn't last long once he got sight of the bright lights below as we watched Joseph and his brothers light off some more fireworks. Boy does Joseph love fire!

We got home right at 9pm... in time to find out that we can see at least 4 firework shows from our house... doh! We've been going to the in-law's house for years to watch fireworks and had no idea we had such a view. But this might have been due to the lack of a marine layer that night. The sky was perfectly clear!

This was definitely an enjoyable 4th!

3 comment(s) with love:

Janelle said... Reply To This Comment

i love the daddy/son pics- precious!

Tammy said... Reply To This Comment

I thought it was illegal to have fireworks in the city (or anywhere in San Diego???) Can't believe how big he's getting!

mrsdanigirl8 said... Reply To This Comment

Yeah... it's a bit illegal.

But Joseph loves them soo much so we'll either drive to Garden Grove to get them or his brother will have a friend fly up north to bring them back.

So much fun though! But we don't get to buy the big ones like you do :(