Dear E: Nineteen Weeks

We had quite a week this week. Tuesday was Mommy and Daddy's anniversary. In the morning you and I went to the zoo with Mommy's friends, Janelle and Amanda, and their babies. It was a HOT day and Mommy definitely left with a sunburn. But don't worry, little one, Mommy protected you and kept you covered the whole time :)

Later on that night Daddy and I took you with us to The Prado for dinner. You were amazing. You slept in your carseat until we got our salads and than you woke up and played with Daddy. We gave you a little taste of avocado and I think you liked it! When our entrees came we sat you in your carseat to play with your toys. After I was done (because I eat super fast lately... must be a mom thing) I grabbed you so we could play a bit together. The waitress brought us a complimentary vanilla flan (soooo yummy) and we let you share that with us too.

All in all it was a wonderful anniversary. I can't believe how two years has changed us so much... definitely for the better though (you might have a little to do with that, E!)

We had a great Thursday. We went to meet up with Mommy's friend, Amanda, and her baby Daylin. It was quite nice. And Mommy even had a margarita with her lunch :)

Saturday was the Fourth of July and we just hung around the house until it was time to go to Grandma Ann's. So relaxing :) We don't have many weekend days like that, do we little one? You slept through most of the fireworks Daddy and Uncle Jeremy set off but you did wake up to see a few at the end. I am not sure if you liked them or not.

Sunday we went to the beach with the dogs in Coronado. It was a nice lazy Sunday until an umbrella hit Mommy in the head when she was sitting down with you sleeping on her. You woke up crying because of the shock but Mommy and Daddy were scared that you might have gotten hit to. We checked you and you were fine but Mommy had a knot the size of a golf ball on the side of her head. We packed up and left after that.

Mommy laid down for a bit with you when we got home and we enjoyed what was left of our weekend. Hopefully next weekend ends a bit better :)

Tripoding! So close to sitting up on your own :)

You and Daddy love to cuddle in bed

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