Dear E: Twenty Two Weeks

We had a relaxing week but quite a busy weekend. Momma stayed home with you Monday, Tuesday and Thursday this week and Daddy stayed home with you on Friday. I think you had quite a fun time with us.

You started
eating rice cereal as a celebration of your fifth month birthday on Wednesday. You are doing super well with it and Mommy is starting to keep it a little thicker than when we first started. I think you prefer the texure!

Friday night Mommy and Daddy went out for the first time together without you. We went to go see Joel McHale (the host of E!'s The Soup). It was quite fun. Than on Saturday we ran lots of errands and went to go visit Great Aunt Carol and Great Aunt Louise since they are going to be watching you on Fridays. We woke up early on Sunday to head out to your first Comic Con. You were so overwhelmed with everything that you barely napped all day. Than you passed out at home and took a 2 hour nap.

I think your favorite part of the whole weekend was just being out and about. You really like to be out doors too. You love people watching (and boy was there some good people watching this weekend!) and love new things!


Better yet... naked play time!

Who's behind me?

I'm just gonna lay here a while

Hey Ma! I like playing with doggies!

I wanna help!

No, Daddy has to do it

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Janelle said... Reply To This Comment

ha! charlie does the same thing- he always wants to feed himself!