Joel McHale Live or... Danielle and Joseph's First Outing Without Ethan

We started the night by kissing E goodbye and thanking my dad again and again for watching him. We left a bit late (because we played with E for a while) so we didn't have time to have a full meal before the show. So we decided to eat at the Humprey's bar before the show (since the show was at Humprey's by the Bay).

We found a table right away and ordered a hamburger to split. I got a glass of wine (much needed after the crazy workday!) and Joseph got his usual iced tea. We looked around and talked about the people in the bar (we love people watching) before our food came. Once it came we split it in half and dug in. The burger was good... it had grilled onions on it! And the fries were yummy. Steak fries lightly salted. And the wine was good :)

Once we were done we headed over to the venue to take our seats. I was glad I got a glass of wine at the bar because they were $1-2 more in the venue. The opening act was Chris Hardwick from G4's Attack of the Show (he reviews gadgets and whatnot and was here for Comic Con). As soon as I saw him I knew Joseph would enjoy himself. He LOVES Attack of the Show. Yes, he is a geek. He was pretty funny and was a great opener for Joel.

Once Joel McHale got on stage we were laughing non-stop. We watch The Soup on E! every week so we got all of the jokes referencing the show and what they cover... Chicken Tetrazini! Sorry... I had to. Anywho... he also got into jokes about his family. He has two kids, a 3-4 year old and an infant so we could relate to the things he was saying.

After the show Joseph said he was still a bit hungry and I wanted a bit of dessert so we headed over to Chic-Fil-A. I got a brownie ala mode and Joseph got a chicken sandwich and oreo shake. YUM! By the time we got home E was passed out on the couch and my dad was relaxing while surfing the internet. He said E was a great baby (never heard a bad thing from someone about him...). I went to go put his pacifier back in his mouth because he was making the sucking motion and stirring and I ended up upsetting him and waking him up. So I said a quick goodbye to Dad and went to bed with E. Dad and Joseph ended up talking for a bit afterwards.

All in all it was a great night out!

Harbor Island view (similar to last week...)

Joseph and I at the venue

Joel! We could see him very well from our seats but my camera phone takes crappy photos and doesn't zoom :)

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