First Solids

I have always questioned when we should start E on solids. Everywhere I look there's varying ages listed on when solids should be started. Kasier (our medical) stated everywhere that 6 months was recommended for starting solids. So we were going with that. And I was planning on skipping the cereal bit because it wasn't really needed once they hit 6 months (something about the digestive tract maturing enough not to need something "simple" to digest first).

Than I started to watch E. He was really into our food and drink... come on, you've seen the iced tea pictures. He's been slurping on our water and tea for the past month. The one thing that made me decide to start earlier was an email I received from his pediatrician.

I was only emailing to ask if it was OK to give E water after he expressed such an interest in our food and beverages and because it was sooo hot out. Here's her response:

Hi Danielle,

You can absolutely give him up to 4 oz of water a day. Especially because it has been so hot lately that all the water he can get to make up the sweat is good. If all he takes is breastmilk though he would be just fine as well. It is good to know he is interested in what you are eating. He can be starting solids at 5 months so that is a great sign. Typically I start with a little rice cereal which is the least allergenic food and have you mix it with your breastmilk for taste and spoon feed him. Start with the dry powder 2-4 tbsp and add enough milk to make it pretty watery. He needs to learn to stop thrusting with his tongue and keep the food in. Once he can do that he will be able to start some veggies.

Let me know if you have any other questions. I can talk to you in more detail at his next appointment as well.

I didn't even mention solids in my email to her and she responded that he could start at 5 months even though every piece of literature I received from Kaiser said 6 months. So Joseph and I talked and decided that when E was 5 months we'd start rice cereal.

I went out and bought some Earths Best Organic rice, oatmeal and barley because it was on sale for like $1 a box. I figured that had to be a good deal, right? What do I know :) We're going to stick with rice cereal for 2 weeks and than see if he likes oatmeal. Than when he's 6 months old we're going to start with the veggies... avocado, sweet potatoes, squash, carrots, etc. I am really getting excited about that part!

So tonight we tried rice cereal for the first time. And the verdict? He LOVED it! I think he might have been ready for it two weeks ago but am glad I waited. He ate about 1-2 tablespoons and was actually grabbing for the spoon for more! Some of the video blocks his face because he kept grabbing the spoon.

All in all it took about 20 minutes to feed him because he would get distracted by his bib and than remember there was something fun on the spoon to eat and would open his mouth and ask for it again. I think the mouth opening is just something he does when he's excited (because everything goes in his mouth!).

And now I leave you the video we took while he ate his first bites:

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Miranda said... Reply To This Comment

Solid foods for little E!!! It looks like he's loving it! Thanks for the videos, they make a huge difference! I love being able to see his expressions and watch him wave his arms around. congrats E! love you guys- xoxoxo

Tessa said... Reply To This Comment

Sooo cute! Looks like he coulnd't get enough of it too which means he really was ready. I love the way he kept grabbing the spoon to shove more in his mouth!!

We started Belle on cereal at 5 months (vegies at 6 months) too and it worked out great.

Ethan is getting to be such a big boy.

Natalie said... Reply To This Comment

He's so so happy!! I love that he wants to feed himself!