Comic Con 2009

Ready to go!

The line

A break at Starbucks

An every day scene in San Diego :)

Ethan wants the camera

A Carnival!! With sno cones, games, cotton candy and more :)

The hammer game where you use a hammer to hit a pad to make the ball thingy go up and hit the bell... Yeah, that game.

Knock over the milk bottles!

Joseph posing so we could take a picture of the Star Trek lady smoking

So happy that he caught his feet

Zonked out

A lunch with a price you can't beat! Costco hotdog & soda for $1.50!

2 comment(s) with love:

Janelle said... Reply To This Comment

what a spectacular day- keep on having fun, mama!

Pilar said... Reply To This Comment

What?!?!? You guys didn't put customes on??? :-D