My Baby is Growing Up

We (E & I) met up with Joseph today for lunch and headed over to Phil's BBQ for some ribs (YUM!). As we were getting out of the car I was contemplating bringing in the carseat but opted out since it would be uncomfortable if we didn't get a booth (we'd have to balance it on a chair or ...) So we just carried E in. He flirted with the cashiers a bit and than we got seated. The bus boy came over and asked if we wanted a high chair and I said "Sure, why not". And E LOVED it!

He played with his toys on the table and sat there with the two of us like a good boy the whole time. We enjoyed our meals. Joseph got a BBQ burger, I got the pork rib tickler and we shared my fries. I let E try the BBQ sauce and he loved it.

Solid foods are going well and E is really enjoying the rice cereal we're feeding him right now so I've been giving him "tastes" of things that we're eating. Since I'm not quite ready to give him a french fry I opted to let him taste the BBQ sauce. He licked like crazy and than started sucking his fingers since his lips had some more BBQ sauce on them and he could get the sauce by wiping it off with his fingers.

After lunch E was exhausted so I planned on driving around so he could get a good nap. We've found that if we go home and he's asleep, he'll quickly wake up within minutes of walking through the door. So I stayed on PCH and went downtown to take a drive by the harbor. We ended up at Seaport Village so I figured we could walk around for a bit as E sleeped. I got his Snap-n-go stroller frame set up, threw a blanket and his diaper bag in the basket and got him (in his carseat) all set on the frame.

We walked around for about 1/2 an hour before he woke up so he slept for a total of 45 minutes. This is a good nap for us. Here's the view from Seaport Village...

After we were done walking around I spread out the blanket and E and I played for a bit with his toys. Than we came home and played some more :) It was a great day!

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Janelle said... Reply To This Comment

love the new pics... i miss san diego and i really miss phil's bbq!!! high chairs are fun- i've been using a seatcover to make it more comfy.

Natalie said... Reply To This Comment

LOVE Phils! And baby E! Glad he's accepting solid foods