Transition to bed last night...

Last nightwas the funniest transition from wake to sleep for the night for Ethan. He woke up from his last nap at about 4:30 so I figured he'd take a catnap after I fed him when I got home (5:30) since he's done that before.

Well, after him being asleep for over an hour I decided to try and transfer him to bed with the thought that he'd wake up during the transition so I could change him into a nighttime diaper (he was overdue for a change). So I get him to bed and he's still knocked out. I move a bit and he stirs, fusses, and opens his eyes. He than closes them really fast and fusses a bit more like he does when he wants his pacifier.

I give him the pacifier and he is out again. So I hold his legs just enough apart to let DH get the onsie he had on unsnapped (thank god he didn't have pants on!). I than proceeded to change him out of his diaper. Once his diaper was off he proceeded to stretch and curl up into the fetal position enjoying his new freedom.

I had to get him into the new diaper (the night time cloth diaper is much bulkier than his normal daytime prefold so it's definitely harder to put on a sleeping baby) and it was pretty hard considering he was trying to get into a pretzel position. I finally succeeded and than had to lift him a bit to put on the cover and he stirred again. He fussed some more while I finished and finally I just covered him with his swaddle blanket (wasn't even going to bother to swaddle by then). He woke up 30 minutes later, I nursed him a bit (lying down of course!) and he was out for the night! Only woke up twice :)

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Miranda said... Reply To This Comment

Aaahhh to have a day at the spa! Aaahhh to have a pregnant belly! I'm envious!

PS the code I have to type in to send the comment says 'ovenr' - oven. that's a sign! xo