Dear E: Fifteen Weeks

Ethan, baby, you are growing way too fast! I weighed you on our home scale this week and it said that you were 17 pounds already! I'm sure it's off by a pound or two but I can't wait to confirm how much you really weigh when we go in for your 2 month appointment on the 22nd. It was your third week with Daddy and I have to say that you two are getting along quite well :) I love coming home and hearing you and Daddy laughing as I approach the front door.

You are starting to enjoy staying on your belly more and are getting great with holding your head up for longer and longer. You occasionally start to rub your head into the mat or blanket you're laying on but quickly lift your head again to look around. You are such a strong little boy!

You haven't rolled over unassisted for me yet (besides the one time you did for Daddy) but you will roll back to belly and belly to back if you're on blankets (or any un-flat surface) or if Daddy or I hold one of your hands. We make you do all the work but you use us to pull yourself over.

On Mommy's day off she went with her friends to Glen Ivy for a Mommy day. She really needed it. She had great fun with her friends :) Two of the friends she went with are pregnant and having babies soon. I'm sure you'll be friends with them in no time! (I hope they don't mind me posting their pictures!)

We went to Disneyland again (for your fourth time!) on Saturday and met up with Mommy and Daddy's friends, Anmarie, Sean and Ella! We had a great time and went on many rides... you went on Peter Pan, Snow White, Mr. Toads Wild Ride, Casey Juniors Train, Storybook boats & toured Toontown. That's the most rides you've ever been on and you did great! You were sooo pooped afterwards and fell asleep for the night at 5pm :) (Pictures to come!)

Today we went to church, I checked in at Weight Watchers and than you, Daddy and I went in search for a few book cases for the office and a bookshelf for your room. No luck with your room but we did find some book cases for the office. Hopefully we'll have a real office soon! And maybe shortly after that we'll have a sewing nook for Mommy!

In just one week Daddy will be back to work full time but Mommy will be even more part time! I'll get to have you two days out of the week instead of just one :) Mommy can't wait! Love you, baby!

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