Dear E: Fourteen Weeks Old

What a week! You are getting much more active. Grabbing everything, trying to turn over (and succeeding once!), babbling up a storm! You are so much fun to play with. This was your second week being home with Daddy and I think he is loving the time he's spending with you (even though work is giving him a crazy time with PFL stuff).

On my day off (Wednesday) we went to go visit Charlie and his mommy. We went to Starbucks to hang out on their couch. You and Charlie "played" a bit and than you decided to start eating Charlie's bib so us mommies broke you two up to feed you. And by the way... Daddy dressed you that day!

We spend a wonderfully lazy weekend together. You napped about 95% of the time. We think you were going through another growth spurt. So Daddy and I spend a majority of the day with you in bed. It was relaxing and fun :) We like those kind of weekends.

On Sunday afternoon we were relaxing in bed after you had gotten up from your latest nap and Daddy reminded me about Cousin Jason & Cousin Jacob's birthday party. Mommy completely forgot because we were so cozy and relaxed in bed! So I jumped up and ran around like crazy getting ready. Than I went and grabbed you, your Sophie and the wrap. We were on our way with time to spare. We spent about an hour chatting with Great Grandma and saying hi to the kids while they ran from the house to the bouncy and back.

All in all a great weekend! Now it's on to the next week...

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