Dear Ethan: Three Weeks Old

How can you already be three weeks old?! I simply cannot believe how time is flying by. What can I say? You're still a wonderful baby. We've had easy nights (up every 2-3 hours like clockwork... you don't even fuss, you just root around until you find me so you can feed and than go right back to sleep), and simple days. I love spending mornings with you when your alert and want to talk/play with Mommy and Daddy.

You're starting to stay awake for longer periods of time. Just this morning you were up from 6 to 8, napped for like 15 minutes and than was up again until 9:30. We went for a walk (attempted to take both dogs but gave up and went at it alone) in which you pretended to nap and as soon as we got home you were wide awake :)

You smiled for me for the first time on Friday. I know it was for me because we'd been playing and Daddy made a joke so I laughed and he laughed. Than I looked down and you looked right at me and smiled. I was so amazed. I thought maybe you just passed gas or something but nope... it was a real smile.

I love watching you sleep. You are so animated and you even "talk" too! Sometimes during REM sleep I can see your eyes moving at a rapid rate. Sometimes you even open your eyes a bit (but you're completely asleep). You also smile a lot and cry sometimes in your sleep. I know you can dream but have no idea what could make you cry already. Are you remembering your birth or your circumcision? It hurts me to know that things can frighten you already.

You have really stolen our hearts. Mommy and Daddy love you soo much, Ethan. And to think... you'll be a month old in another week.

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Tessa said... Reply To This Comment

look at those blue eyes! LOVE HIM!!!!! lunch again soon??

Jenifire said... Reply To This Comment

He's so gorgeous Dani! I love the notes you're writing to him each week. It's wonderful to watch him grow. :)