Dear Ethan: Two Weeks Old

Time is flying by, little one! Another week older. I couldn't be more in love with you :) You are simply a joy to have in our lives and you make Daddy and my life complete by being here. We've gotten to enjoy snuggling with you, talking to you, listening to you coo and "talk" to us. You fascinate us with every little thing you do.

Your starting to get into looking around and stretching out this week. You want to stretch your little legs as far as you can and lift your hands over your head. You are more and more interested in the things around you when you're awake. And the dogs don't bother you at all. Scout will bark and you wont even jump! You must have gotten used to that in Mommy's tummy.

This week Aunt Cindy, Great Grandma and Great Grammy visited us for the first time. Your Uncle Jeremy & Uncle Andrew came over to help Daddy demo the guest bath (going to be your bath!) and also said hi to you too. Grandpa Jack & Grandma Ann came over today to hold and cuddle you as well. We made a few trips out of the house. Mommy even drove you to the doctor's office all by herself :) You didn't even start to cry until we were in the parking garage at the doctor's office.

We saw the lactation consultant on Monday and she agreed that you're a champion eater. You've already gained back your birth weight and took in about 2 ounces of milk while we were there. You're on your way to becoming a big boy! I couldn't be prouder.

We also had our first bath!

Next week we're going to venture out some more. We are going to the doctor's office for your 2 week check up tomorrow and will also try going to lunch with Mommy's friends. We might even squeeze in a visit to Daddy's office to show you off to his department.

Great Grandma and Ethan (giving the squinty eye - March 3rd)

Aunt Cindy, Jason & Ethan (March 3rd)

Great Grammy & Ethan (March 5th)

Grandpa Jack & Grandma Ann with Ethan (March 8th)

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