Dear Ethan: One Month Old!

One month old today! Boy are you growing bigger :) You've already outgrown two of your newborn outfits and are starting to fit better into your 0-3 month clothes!

We had a few milestones this week... You are starting to follow things around a lot more with your eyes. You even follow your bear rattle when I move it from eye/head evel to your tummy. You also have been staying awake for longer periods of time. 4 hours is your longest between naps.

You had a long distance visitor this weekend. Your Grandma Skaggs came out to San Diego for a vacation and got to spend some time with you. And you met your Uncle Anthony.

You also had one of the busiest weekends as a result. You've now eaten with me at a few restaurants, you've been to the airport and you went to Disneyland for mommy's birthday! You were such a trooper and were so good in the restaurants. The drives to and from are another story but that wasn't your fault... stupid traffic!

Right now I'm watching you sleep in my arms. You keep flashing that cute smile of yours at me while you talk in your sleep. Its themost amazing thing to watch! I love you, baby boy.

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BBKiddo said... Reply To This Comment

What a cutie! These posts make me smile so much :) I can't wait to be a mommy too.