I wanted to share with my readers (the few who are out there...) a few things I've been working on. But I haven't gotten around to finding the pattern to share as well (cause I want you to make them too!).

So what I will do is give you a sneak peak of what I hope to be showing a lot more of... my knitting & sewing projects :)

This hat was crocheted and is my first crocheted piece that wasn't a granny square for an afghan or some sort of creation I did when I was in elementary/middle school. I love the style and hope to learn how to make scallops for the bottom for the next one I make.

A few other projects I'll be sharing are my first apron, scarves & other hats. I will have all of February off of work before the little one comes so when I have to sit down and rest in between nesting I hope to get some crocheting/knitting/sewing done. And I need to make some curtains for a few rooms in the house as well. Hope you enjoy :)

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