More fluff mail!

I was casually lurking around on an eco-friendly message board looking for website suggestions for cloth diapering (tips as well as sales/etc on diapers) and found an awesome deal! Thirsties has a seconds/clearance section on their website and I scored these three covers for $9 each!

Large White Cover

Small Light Blue Cover

Small Dark Blue Cover

And I just went on again to find these:

An XS and S Thirsties Fab Fitted in Celery

And some XS Microfiber Terry inserts :) YAY! My diaper stash is growing. Now if only I could bite the bullet and get some BumGenius diapers from Target with my gift card. But I really want to find them on sale... I have time, right?

Oh, and don't tell Joseph but I also got some more Happy Heiny's off of for only $8 again :) Those pirate ships were just too darn cute and Joseph picked them out the first time.

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