Our Work Baby Shower

We had our first baby shower today! It was soo much fun. This is the beautiful cake that my boss got from Flour Power. It was the same flavor as one of our layers in our wedding cake. She's so thoughtful.

We had a great spread. Anmarie, the host and my dear friend/co-worker, is vegetarian so it was an all veggie party. I couldn't tell the difference. Everything was soo yummy. And what pregnant woman doesn't love a whole lotta appetizers? She also had a potato bar and a nacho bar. So wonderful.

Aside from the unscrambling games, the matching games and the guessing games we played some fun ones! The first was to see who could drink soda out of a bottle the fastest. It was great to see everyone try to get as much as they could out of the small nipple hole.

The second game was to try and find as many safety pins in a bowl full of rice. It was harder than it looks. Those suckers were the small ones and felt the same as the rice. But some people got the hang of it. I found four! The winner, however, found 8.

After games was presents. Our guests were very generous. A good friend, Sally, made this gorgeous blanket for us and gave us a soft, cute bear and a handknit cap for the baby.

Another guest, Diane, got us this adorable chair for the baby. It actually rocks. Ella, Anmarie's little girl, kept on sitting in it all afternoon. She loved to rock it.

And the large box behind us (to the left) is our travel system!! We were so shocked. My department bought it as a group present. We'll definitely be putting this to great use.

Here's Anmarie and I at the end of the night (and a nice belly shot at 24 weeks). We were both exhausted!

I want to thank Anmarie for all of her hard work in putting this shower together. It was soo much fun. Joseph and I really enjoyed ourselves and I definitely loved all the great food!

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Tammy said... Reply To This Comment

I was wondering if I was going to ever get a chance to see you prego!! In fact, I was just thinking last night about asking for pictures...glad you had a fun shower. Email or call and tell me about it and what all you've received. Love you!

Natalie said... Reply To This Comment

I love that chair -- it is so super cute!! Is that the one you were talking about?

I just read your ENTIRE blog. It's awesome. I'm subscribing and keeping in touch with you now!