Wow... just wow!

My baby will be born one month after President Elect Obama will be sworn in. I cannot believe it. It's just wonderful. Now it would have been even more wonderful if Prop 8 didn't pass but I have to set my bias aside since the measure was voted on by a democracy and the people spoke.

Now enough about politics... I have an exciting announcement. Not only did Joseph feel the baby again tonight... he saw the kicks too!!! I was so excited. The kicks are getting stronger and I'm loving it.

This Saturday is my work shower and I'm sooo excited! I love parties and who doesn't love a party being thrown for their child? Anmarie, my co-worker and friend, is generously hosting it at her home. I'm going to bring some beef skewers and chili since she is vegetarian and won't be serving any meat dishes. The chili is vegetarian though :) There should be a good turn out... about 20 people from both Joseph and my departments. YAY! Hopefully we'll have pictures to share later.

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