For Miranda

This weekend Joseph and I were able to meet my friend Tessa at the beach after one of her photo shoots to get a few shots taken for our Christmas cards. She sent 10 over and will put them on a CD for me.

She sent two full size shots to me so I could begin designing my cards (I sent the pictures and my ideas to Joseph's cousin, Adrienne, and she's working on ideas this weekend). So I wanted to share the two photos with you guys. I haven't realized how round my face has gotten but that's nothing a bit more walking can't take care of.

Hope you enjoy!

Joseph and I at Windan Sea Beach - 27 weeks pregnant

2 comment(s) with love:

Miranda said... Reply To This Comment

you're glowing! and look at the belly <3 <3 awwww i want to press my face into it and talk to that baby! love you guys! xoxo

Natalie said... Reply To This Comment

Adorable!! You guys look so great!!