With holiday shopping that is. I couldn't be more relieved. And I only spent around $150 today not including Joseph's gifts. That's record breaking for me. So how is it that it's 11:30 am the day after Thanksgiving and I am already done? Take a look at my morning:

4am - Wake up and roll out of bed throwing on whatever I can find in the dark

4:30am - Wait in line at Wal-Mart (ugh) until they open at 5am while reading Eclipse (tons of people!)

5am - rush through Wal-Mart picking up everything but one item on the list (couldn't find some mega blocks for my cousin)

5:20am - checked out and back in the car headed for Target

5:30am - Wait in line at Target until they open at 6am (line wasn't half as bad as Wal-Mart)

6am - meander through Target finding everything but one item on my list (darn employees were no where near helpful trying to find the Wii glove I wanted to get Joseph as a stocking stuffer!)

6:20am - Checked out and back in the car heading for Starbucks (hey... I need breakfast! And a small potty break. This kid really knows when to put pressure on the bladder)

6:30am - Leaving Starbucks (with an empty bladder... for now... and a full, warm stomach) to head to UTC

6:40am - Get to UTC and park in Sears parking lot. Hit Sears, The Children's Place, Macys, Gap, KB Toys and many more stores

7:30am - Still meandering the mall with nothing to buy but enjoying the window shopping and people watching.

8am - Heading home to read some more, rest and than wrap presents

Back to the present... The only thing accomplished so far is that I'm farther along in my book and the dining room table is cleared to start wrapping presents. If I didn't get lost in that book I would have been done by now and on to Michael's for some gifts for myself :) Oh well... I can wait till this afternoon to go back out again.

I hope everyone had a wonderful, safe & tasty Thanksgiving! Hopefully you aren't all in a comatose state still. Enjoy the weekend.

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Wow -- so impressive!!