Growing and Good News: Test Results

First I want to show a comparison of what I looked like at 4 weeks and what I look like at 20 weeks (1/2 way point!!):

Yeah... I'm showing a bit. But I really don't "look" pregnant yet to other people (when I'm wearing clothes :)) I look more like I'm fat. But I'm ok with it cause I've seen the u/s pictures and I KNOW there's a little one growing in there.

Now more about that little one. About a week/week and a half ago I went and took the Extended AFP Screening test. Basically this is just a blood test to see if there's a chance that my baby has a neural tube defect like spina bifida, trisomy 18 or down syndrome (trisomy 21). Well... the results are in and baby is negative! Now this doesn't put us in the clear. There still might be a possibility that there might be something wrong with baby but my doctor kept telling me how I might get a positive result but not actually have any of these so I am assuming that this test is pretty sensitive to these things.

I am quite relieved! And guess what? I think I've been feeling baby. Everyone kept asking me if I have felt flutters yet and I really haven't felt any flutters perse. Well... last night I was reading messages on a message board I frequent and found a post about a girl who felt twitching in her belly right below the belly button. She's about as far along as I am and I knew this had to be what I was feeling too! Well... more ladies responded by saying that the twitching was baby! YUP! I've been feeling baby :) It definitely isn't every day but I do feel it every once in a while. And I feel a rolling/wave sensation. I am assuming that this too is baby but I'm not too sure just yet. Things are progressing!

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the cantaloupe is twitching! jklfjdlksfjdf the first thing I think about when I wake up is your baby! seriously. may kidnap it. and you. <3 xoxoxo