Big Ultrasound: Follow Up Appointment

I had my post-u/s appointment last Tuesday. Baby is very healthy. And so am I :) The doctor I saw (since Kaiser prefers you to see a doctor after your big ultrasound) asked me if I'd scheduled the big ultrasound and I said yes, that's why I'm here. She was surprised that I had it so early so I had to go into the whole story again about why it was scheduled early (receptionist didn't have doctor's schedule for October so she squeezed everything into the end of September). So after that she looked up the ultrasound results and saw that the tech was able to get everything she needed even though we were two days shy of 18 weeks.

Throughout the appointment he doctor kept going on and on about my weight and how I was obese and shouldn't gain more than 15 to 20 pounds this pregnancy. I was like, whoa, lady, I've only gained 7 in the past 4 1/2 months and I'm 1/2 way through this pregnancy. I think I've been very conscientious about the weight gain.

And the thing that really gets me is that I explained that I was on Weight Watchers before getting pregnant and she cuts me off by saying that I shouldn't be dieting while pregnant. Did I say I was dieting?? NO! Urg. I was mentioning this because my body was in weight loss mode before so I might be gaining faster than I normally would because I am not limiting my caloric and fat intake.

So after telling me about how being obese can make it difficult later on in the pregnancy especially for the baby she asked me to go in for a 1 hour glucose test (1-2 months earlier than normal) to make sure I don't have gestational diabetes. I passed :) Anything under 140 passes and I was at 104. I can't wait for her to see the results of the test.

I also opted for the Expanded AFP screening so I had my blood drawn for that as well. Not sure when I'll get the results back but I am not too worried. At the ultrasound the baby's spine and neck looked great (ruling out the possibility of spina bifida) and the heart was doing great. I guess we just want to rule out neural tube defects and downs. The doctor did warn me that they do have false positives so if we do get back a positive result she said not to worry too much.

I guess that minus the annoying yaking about my weight the appointment went well and I know that my baby is doing good. Next appointment is at the end of October for my 6 month. Wow... I'm 4 days from being 5 months pregnant. I never knew it'd go this fast :)

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