Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness

Yesterday was Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Day. At 7pm I lit not only one candle but three for pregnancy loss. I have only had one loss but wanted to light two more for any of those out there who might have forgotten to light their candle. My candles burned for an hour and it was hard to blow them out.

Remembering that this time last year I was still deeply mourning the loss of our pregnancy. I was in such a daze that I wasn't much of a friend or a wife. I think that the pain and disbelief made it all very hard to accept. I still didn't believe that this could happen to me and didn't understand why. I still don't but I am not angry about it.

I had very strong people around me who supported me when I needed it. Now that I am pregnant again (5 months!!) I am so grateful for everything. Every part of this pregnancy, good and bad, has been cherished and remembered. I am amazed at this little life inside of me and the amazing love I feel for my unborn child. I cannot wait to meet you in February little one!

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