Pilar's Going Away: Tea & Beer

Don't worry... we didn't have tea and beer at the same location and no... I didn't partake in the beer :)

Pilar is moving (literally driving there right now...) to St. Louis, Missouri and we all are very sad to be loosing the convenience of having her here in the same city as us. But I think of the bright side... the trips back and fourth to visit! And even trips to meet in between... can you say Vegas?! I've never been to St. Louis and what's a better excuse than to visit a friend?

So in order to celebrate this huge change in her life we decided to have tea at Tea Upon Chatsworth in Point Loma. It was great. Melissa, Pilar, Amanda, Tessa, Janelle and I had a great time and enjoyed the tasty tea and great spread. Everything was so cute and the atmosphere was perfect for girlfriends who want to have a nice afternoon together.

Our last outing was at Karl Strauss Brewery in Sorrento Valley. They had great appetizers and even better dessert! I love going out with these girls because we can share everything we order and everyone has such great taste in food! The group included Tessa, Jessica, Jolie, Janelle, Pilar, Alanna and I. I love talking, laughing and just having fun with these girls!

Pilar, you know I love and miss you! I know that this will be an amazing opportunity for you and know that you'll succeed in whatever you choose to do with your life. Best of luck in this next leg of the journey :)

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Pilar Zimmerman said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks Dani!!! :-( I miss you too!!! I can't believe that in such a short time I met so many great friends!!! Love ya!!! Can't wait to have you (or you and Joseph) visit us!!!