Dog Beach: Friends and Pups

So last weekend Pilar, Natalie and I decided to take our pups to Dog Beach in Coronado. It's a spot Joseph and I frequent regularly with Jetta and Scout so I thought it'd be a great place to hang out with my girlfriends. Plus Pilar is moving to St. Louis so we wanted to soak up all of the Pilar time we could.

It was a blast. All of the dogs were great. Poor Marley (Pilar's dog) has trouble with her knees so Pilar had to keep correcting them but other than that the dogs had a blast. There was swimming and sand and dog slobber for all :)

Here's the "pack" sans Scout (not sure where he was at this point)
Counter clock wise: Jetta, Dahlia, Mia, Marley

the gorgeous baby Dahlia (the 5 month old pug) with Natalie

Scout with Dahlia in the water (I think Dahlia is still trying to get some seaweed!)

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